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Enigma is the trading style of Enigma-UK.net Limited, NI39276


For fast, economical, high quality software development and web design, Enigma is the preferred supplier for many of our long-term clients. We understand our clients' markets well, and our approach complements their detailed market knowledge with our core software development skills.

Through use of Enigma?s software development methodology, our projects consistently deliver reliable, efficient and accurate software, to a precise schedule.

We specialise in database driven Management Information Systems that fit seamlessly into your organisation and provide you with the reporting and communication tools that give you freedom from arduous, time consuming tasks and therefore leading to decrease in overall cost.

Our basic philosophy when creating a new software system is to focus on the things that hold your business back the most. If you write down all the things that take up your time and then grade them, we can concentrate the design of your system to eliminate those problems first and enable the system with better efficiency at reduced cost.

Why not see what we can do for your business, by either emailing us your requirements or with any questions you have with a project brief.

You won?t be disappointed with our pricing, attitude or services, failing that why not call us for an informal chat to see how we can work together.

This not only helps your employees to appreciate and accept the new technology, but also allows you to recoup the initial cost of the system as quickly as possible.

We have developed techniques and tools (some of which we actually resell) that allow us to develop computer systems at a very fast pace. This means that we typically charge approximately 10% of the price of our competitors. The quality of our work however is second to none. All of our development team have a sense of pride in the professionalism of their work.